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A new edition of Greetings card reproduced by Éditions Poinsettia on the painting " Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal " of Hanafi. Size of the Greetings card : 20 cm x 14 cm (7,7/8" x 5,5/8").
To know more about this new Greetings card, I invite you to visit the site of Éditions Poinsettia in the following links :
information on the Greetings card
information on the Artist

Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal - Greetings card
Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, in the form of Greetings card

For information, this painting was a part of the exhibition " The Lands within Me " organized by the Canadian Museum of Civilization, and which welcomed beyond 200 000 visitors.

NOTE : All the old reproductions on the works of Hanafi, a part of which is visible below, worth namely: the Greetings cards, the Postcards, the Posters, the Calendars, the Laminations, the Gift Boxes, the Art Broches, the Art book " HANAFI : Montreal... Passion " and the Art album " HANAFI : Tunisia... Passion ", are quite sold.

Greetings cards

Calendar Tunisia and Greetings cards

Objets d'Art

Art book and Art Album

Information about the publishers in Canada, in Sweden and in Tunisia who reproduced the works of Hanafi under various forms :

. Éditions Poinsettia, Châteaugay, Canada
. Les Éditions Mer et Monde inc., Bonaventure, Canada
. Cartes-En-Ciel, Ile Perrot, Canada
. Dani Sab, Montreal, Canada
. Benjamin-Montréal News, Montreal, Canada
. Ehrlings - Vyer, Stockholm, Sweden
. Geocolor America inc., Île des Soeurs, Canada
. Éditions Galerie l'Iimagerie, Quebec, Canada
. Éditions Tanit, Tunis, Tunisia

Art book
Author : Hanafi
Title : Montréal... Passion
Co-edition :

. Canadian Museum of Civilization, Hull, Canada
. Les Éditions du Méridien, Montreal, Canada

Art album
Author : Hanafi
Title : Tunisie... Passion
Publisher :

. Dani Sab, Montreal, Canada

Several other publishers of Art books, Art guides, Art directories and Media almost everywhere in the world also reproduced the works of Hanafi. To know more about it, see the information in the following menu :
Revue de Presse ( French )

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