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A versatile artist of international reputation, Hanafi has been displaying his work since 1968 in many countries, among others, Tunisia, France, Germany, Italy, Republic Czech, Norway, Sweden, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Canada and the United States. His main shows have taken place in museums, universities and prestigious galleries. At the present time, he has been displaying his work in over one hundred exhibitions around the world. His paintings was displayed with big master's work, like Picasso, Chagall, Dali and Miro...

Hanafi has painting since the age of eight. In fact, it is as a young boy of eight that be involontarily adopted the reverse signature of Hanafi Abd which be also used as an adult. He now simply signs HANAFI.

Hanafi has always painted. He gave his first art show at the age of 18. Even during his engineering studies and despite his passion for the field, he never gave up painting and continued to extend his knowledge and vary his techniques. He also explored different art forms, including sculpture, engraving and mosaïc. At present, Hanafi is a fulfil artist of honours: he receive the marvellous Art Medal of "La Renaissance Française" 1998; laureate of the contest "Création Québec 81" of the Sherbrooke University in Canada; also, he receive many homages for the whole of his art works.

His works are displayed in a number of important collections in museums around the world : The Canadian Museum of Civilization in Hull and the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Sherbrooke, both in Canada. The Fine Art Museum of Göteborg, Sweden, Musée d'art Max Fourny de Paris en France. A number of private collectors from among approximately thirty countries also proudly display his works. These include KebecSon, JRD Marketing, Docufactory, the three in Montreal, Société des Casinos du Québec, Centre des femmes de Montréal, the Calgary Olympic Games, the Swedish multinational corporation Atlas Copco, Besrour Intercom in Tunis, Canadian Embassy, Club culturel Tahar Haddad, both in Tunisia. Many prestigious people have also acquired some of his art, like The King and The Queen of Sweden, the actress Elizabeth Jean Peters, widow of the american multimillionaire Howard Hughes, United States and Peter Bronfman of Bronfman Dynasty, Canada.

HANAFI : Montréal... Passion - More info - French They spoke about the artist : "Hanafi : Montréal... Passion" (1995); "Fine Art Exhibition" FIFA Worl Cup South Africa 2010, (From March 11, 2010, Until July 31, 2010); Répertoire de la diversité artistique de Montréal (2008); Guide Vallée (1989) and (1993-94); Guide Parcours (1993); LE REPERTOIRE BIENNAL DES PEINTRES CANADIENS EN GALERIE (1995); Les Secrets du marché de la peinture (1993); Art actuel au Québec depuis 1970 (1983); Peintres du Québec (1993-94) and (1995); Ces pays qui m'habitent (2003); The World of Children (1991); La Cité et les naïfs (1986); Magazin'Art (1989), (1991) and (1995); Montréal "MTL" (1993); The Gazette, Montreal (july 1979, july 1982 and august 1996); Le Journal de Montréal (june and october 1993); Journal Côte-Des-Neiges (november 1992); L'Express d'Outremont (october 1993); Jeune Afrique, Paris (june 2 to 8, 1998); VUES D'AFRIQUE "Rallye-Expos" (1997); AART Directory, USA (2003); Expressen, Stockholm, Sweden (june 1976); Skövde Tidning, Sweden (april 1977). Tunisia's newspapers, among others, La Presse de Tunisie (august 1994, march 1996, january 1999), Le Temps (august 1994, march 1996, may 1998), Le Renouveau (august and november 1994, march and july 1996, september 1998), Tunis-hebdo (august 1994), Tunisia News (september 1994), Essahafa (august 1994 et march 1996), Magazine de la Radio Télévision Tunisienne (november 1994), Réalités (1995), OXYGENE (july/august 1996).
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In the top page of, among others, Montreal Scene, The Montreal Star (1979); West End, The Gazette (1993), "cahier des Sports", La Presse (Montreal, june and october 1993), ACTUALITÉS CDN (may 1997), English Edition of JOURNAL COTE-DES-NEIGES (november 1993), Le Journal d'Outremont (december 1993), "Le goût de la vie", and "Bien vieillir...en santé sexuelle", Collection Psycho-Santé (1997).

Many of his creations were reproduced in the newspapers,  in magazines,  on greeting cards,  postcards,  posters,  calendars,  laminates,  gift boxes  and  art broches. Furthermore, his paintings and his cartoons are used as references and educational tools in universities and schools in various countries.

Source :  extracts of books and articles of newspapers and magazines mentioned above
             (under the title " They spoke about the artist ").

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