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I make a point of very sincerely thanking
all those which contributed to successes of this site.
It's thanks to their evaluation, as well as with their recommendation to the friends that this site, after only three months of inscription in Weborama and in Marweb, was classified :

# 1      Classification votes (Passion) :  Painting - Sculpture - Engraving
                   Votes : 1352 (nearly 3 times moreover than the site in the second place).
                   Rating : 100 % (Interactivity; Clearness of the site; Frequency of the
                   updatings; Relevance of information; Quantity of documents; graphics.)
                   Rating :   98% (availability of Webmasters; rate loading; The fun, humour and
                   environment.)    Date : 2000/11/27  at Weborama

# 1      Classification Votes :  sites all categories
                    Votes : 462 (7 times moreover than the site in the second place).
                    Rating : 9.97/10 (General)   Date : 2000/11/27  at Marweb

Following this great success, I decided that my site does not need more to be measured with other sites and consequently, I withdrew it from the evaluation.

With regard to the meter of visitors " FastCounter by bCentral " which was installed in the welcome page on July 16 2000, to inform you on the evolution of the frequentation of this site, I removed it, because I noted via information coming from several visitors whom it often blocks and consequently it delays navigation on the site and does not count the visitors lasting blocking. To give you an idea on the traffic, here the
assessment :   more than 1 Million visitors per year.

Still of improvement !
To follow upon credible information of certain signatories of my " Guestbook ", that they receive of not requested mails of advertising executives who take their email on my site, and in order to respect their private life, the " Guestbook ", as " Read my Guestbook " will not form more part of this site. However, all those which want to still sign or emit a comment, can do it by email while indicating like object: " Guestbook " and without forgetting the country of origin. Their comments will be added to those which were published on this site and will be consultable only in my " Guestbook, Internet Site " in my next exhibitions. However, all those which have a site, the address of their site will be added to my links under the title " Sites to discover ".

Additional information for the curious ones about the statistics, concerning the comments on this site since July 16, 2000.
Here the number of received messages :
more than 5 000 private comments per year coming from over one hundred countries.

Once again for all these marvellous people,


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