Alliance Canada-Tunisia

To promote the exchange, the partnership and the friendship
between the people of Canada, of Quebec and Tunisia

The Alliance Canada-Tunisia (Non-profit-making association) was created on January 25, 1996. Since then, it has worked with serious issues in its four principal  activities  :  Cultural ;  Economic ;  Social  and  Academic.
It counts among its members experts in varied fields andprestigious members resulting from various mediums.

A    C    T    I    V    I    T    I    E    S

  To promote
the two cultures
in organizing

  To encourage
all sorts of projects working for the reconciliation of the two cultures.


  To organize
business trips
partnership information...

  To encourage
commercial exchange
between the two countries.


  To organize
social events in order to bring together association members.

  To award
the " Merit Price" to whom contributes in any exceptional way for the two cultures reconciliation.


  To organize
conferences with Canadian or Tunisian professors, in Tunisia or Canada.

  To encourage
any other exchange between universities.

To give you an idea on the activities carried out by Alliance for the first two years of its existence under the presidency of Hanafi, here the assessment : in spite of a limited budget, 129 activities were carried out including 36 cultural, 39 economic, 31 social and 23 academic. Among the activities which marked the years 1996 and 1997 some were; the reception at the Club Mount Stephen and the Meridian Hotel; the good-bye party for the former Tunisian diplomats and the reception for the new ambassador of Canada in Tunisia at the Maritime Hotel; the welcome party for the new Tunisian diplomats and homage to the former ambassador of Canada in Tunisia, Michel Roy, as well as the awarding of the "Merit Price" to this last, for his exceptional contribution for the two cultues reconciliation, at the Crown Plaza Hotel; the launching of the magazine "Sans Frontières" in the Interculturel Center of Montreal whose No 2 drawn to 20 000 specimens and was sold with more than 80%; the signature of privileges agreements for the members of Alliance with about twenty companies.

As the number of activities carried out testifies , Alliance Canada-Tunisia is proud to have exceeded the objectives which it had laid down for the first two years of its existence. However, the Alliance stopped its activities for the following main reason : protest against the rotted politics of Ben Ali's government.

Executive committee : founder of the Alliance

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