The Magazine "Sans Frontières"

The Magazine Sans Frontières
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C reated by Hanafi in 1997, "Sans Frontières" (Without Borders) is a non-profit with a focus on business, science, art, education and society. It supports the bringing together interculturel and encourages universalization with the service of humanity and not the reverse. It also supports, the fight against racism, sexism and integrism of any kind, to promote peace, freedom, democracy, tolerance and to sensitism for good causes.

If it is unfortunately not possible to mention all the people who contributed closely or by far to the success of the publication of "Sans Frontières", it should be recognized that the magazine would never have been carried out without the work of about fifty so remarkable talented collaborators, as well as the support and encouragement of the givers, advertisers and Alliance Canada-Tunisia.

Besides it is important to specify that No 2 drawn to 20 000 specimens and was sold with more than 80%. And in spite of this success of starting, the magazine is stopped for the following main reason : protest against the rotted politics of Ben Ali's government.

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