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Tasha, the Star Dancer of The Group Sidi El Mansour

Tasha, the Star Dancer of The Group Sidi El Mansour and Béchir

The Group Sidi El Mansour in the City Hall of Stockholm

The Group Sidi El Mansour in Sweden Tour

Celebrates Homage for Hanafi 1

Celebrates Homage for Hanafi  2


C reated by Hanafi in Stockholm in 1976, The Group Sidi El Mansour has as goal to present artistic shows of the Tunisian popular music in a repertory including dance and song.

When the young Hanafi had the good idea to create The Group Sidi El Mansour, it was by passion for music, dance and song, like for his devotion to bring together different cultures. Actually, his real activities are the visual arts, but his passion for the other forms of art have no limit.

Using of his experience as former director of the Young Cultural Club at the age of 18, and his good reputation near Tunisian and Swedish, he started contacts to form The Group and to prepare the ground for the shows. It should be recognized that at the beginning, it was more difficult to convince Tunisian skeptics to be embarked in the project than to convince Swedes who did not have any idea of this exotic music! Fortunately, with his perseverance, his determination and his positive energy, Hanafi succeeded in efficiently gathering professionals to form his Group and of excercer the role of Manager, but voluntarily. Quickly, The Group started to make the money and the members are remunerated according to their work except Hanafi, because for him, the essence which The Group learns how to fly of its own wings so that it is withdrawn with accomplished mission. And what is made one year later. Moreover, the Celebrate homage organized by The Group for Hanafi before his departure to settle in Canada, testifies some to the gratitude of The Group towards his founder (see the two last photos on this page).

It goes without saying here, some shows presented by The Group Sidi El Mansour under the management of Hanafi. The first show of The Group was presented with brilliance, within the framework of the International Festival of the Popular Music, in the famous Blue Hall in the City Hall of Stockholm, where the Nobel Prize dinner is held each year. It was a revelation for the Swedish public! Indeed, for his remarkable re-entry on the scene, The Group interpreted famous Tunisian songs such as "Sidi El Mansour" and spoiled the public well.

Among the other places in which, The Group Sidi El Mansour also presented cultural shows successfully were the Cultural Centre of Stockholm, the Cultural Centre of South-Stockholm, the Audience-hall of the Library of Falköping and the Volvo Art Hall in Skövde, Sweden.

In a few months of existence, the Group had much success and found the Swedish public very promising. The people adored the rhythm which was sometimes hot and sometimes soft and sensual, of this music thus far ignored in the Scandinavian countries. And it is not by chance that many Swedish women and also of other nationalities adhered to the Group to live as a part of The Tunisian culture and to learn especially the belly dance.

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